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about living my nature

Hi Welcome to Living My Nature!! I’m Mio.

I am a certified holistic nutritionist who are passionate about living holistic life style. 

Living My Nature is created to share  my passion for nature, real food cooking, and mindfulness  to inspire you to live the best version of yourself.

Me cooking

What does "living the best version of my self" mean?

It means that your body is  thriving and you live a life

that is aligned who you really are.

Our body has ability to heal. Our body is purpose to flourish. And we are BORN to flourish.

Now we live In this modern society packed with “rules”, “brainwashes”, and all the chemical added “foods”. 

Most people live a life with limiting beliefs that keep from showing their higher potentials not only mentally but also physically and spiritually.

We grow up constantly getting the messages that you are not enough, your should be thin or your should “fit in”
o be accepted from our parents and society.

We are fed chemical loaded “food” that is created just for convenience for the mass companies.

Our body cannot function as it should be simply because it is not designed to consume these “foods”!!

Going back to your NATURE.

By giving your body real food that nourish your body and soul,
by practicing mindfulness connect with your self, and
by surround yourself with nature,

we can go back to where we should be.

That is where you can live fully inside out.

I am not perfect but by sharing my knowledge and my experiences through my own health journey, education and personal research, I hope to inspire you to get closer to your NATURE.


about my recipe

Real food, minimally processed

Our body is made to consume real food! Our body has ability to heal and flourish when it is given right ingredients. I share the recipes with ingredients that are close to nature as possible.

gluten free blueberry scone

Nourishing to the body, mind and the spirit

I believe that one of the important elements of healthy eating is to enjoy food.

As I grown up eating Japanese food which is full of Umami, my taste buds have been ‘trained’ catch delicate and subtle flavors.  Yes, I know how to create beautiful harmony of Umami from each ingredient!  

Enjoy these not only healthy but also tasty, pretty and lovely recipes !

Japanese inspired healthy recipes

Do you have miso or soy sauce in your fridge that you haven’t used for months?

I can share my ideas how to spice up with your daily dishes by using these healthy ingredients from Japan!

Being fermented food, many of Japanese traditional ingredients such as miso, soy sauce or shio-koji among many others, are incredibly nutritioius and known  for their various health including better digestion, immune system support, supporting our heart health and many others.

Not only that, just by adding these seasonings, your daily dishes can transform their taste, flavor and even texture!!

I rarely make traditional Japanese dishes as A. I am not a big fun of them, B. there are already good recipes out there. 
Instead, I share my unique recipes that combine Japanese essence into the taste from around the world.

shio-koji sample1
Hawaiian garlic shrimp

holistic health

I believe that we are at our best when we live where we are supposed to be, physically, mentally and spiritually.

As we grow up, we are taught by parents, schools and even by peers to live up to society’s standard to “fit in”. We are exposed to highly processed foods which are so palatable that can make you “addicted” to and eventually, you become numbed to these artificial additives that your body does not agree with.

In this busy society we rarely connect with our inner-selves whether it is physical or spiritual. Actually we are never taught in school how to.

The goal of human body is to stay safe and survive and it tries hardest to achieve them .
However if it is neglected either by being given ‘unnatural ‘ food, unmanaged chronic stress, or constant negative thoughts, eventually it starts to lose the internal balance which then, shows up as symptoms and become ‘ill’. 

Our bodies thrive and even have ability to heal when given the right environment.


It can be healthy food and life style, natural skin care products, positive people around you and most importantly, having loving kindness attitude to ourselves.


However, health and happiness cannot be obtained just by following text book example of “healthy”  life style. 


Being healthy is not about following perfect diet, not about  beating up yourself in they gym to get “perfect” body, or not about forcing yourself to do meditation when you absolutely hate it but do it anyway because everyone is doing it.

My message here is that  in order to stay healthy and happy you need to be in balance both physically mentally and spiritually.


Find your nature.
Be your nature.

I share my journey,experiences and holistic health information that helped me to be more authentic ‘me’ and I hope they inspire you as you go along with your journey too.

me with beets