” you feel best when you are aligned with nature. That it because you are nature”

We are born to be healthy, happy and flourish, our body has ability to heal if given the ‘right’ ingredients. 

Living in this modern society with full of technology and stress we get detached from who we really are, physically mentally and spiritually.

In Living My Nature share the healthy and delicious recipe with Japanese ancient wisdom along with tips to “live your nature” for balanced healthy life.


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〜imprtant notice〜

From March 2020, Living My Nature is no longer updating English contents.

You can still see the old entries and I post on Instagram regularly in both English and Japanese, so please follow me for what is up. 

Please follow me on Instagram to see new recipes and mindfulness tips there. 

I apologize for the confusion and inconvenience…

I hope to come back some time in the future!!



My blog


I share real food based healthy and delicious recipes that nourish your your body and soul. 
Some of my unique recipes are Japanese inspired recipes with traditional ingredients or styles that are incorporated into word dishes! 
I do not label my food style (e.f.paleo, vegan…),
I just eat the FOODS:)

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holistic health

To live the best version of you we need to take care not only of our body, mind and spirit.

What you think, feel or believe, all effect your overall health and wellness.
Practicing mindfulness helps you connect with yourself and guide you to what is best for you…